Top 5 beautiful waterfalls in Vientiane

At present, Vientiane residents have a choice of waterfalls to visit, where a happy Saturday or Sunday can be spent enjoying a lazy picnic and playing in the refreshing water. Most of the waterfalls are surrounded by thick vegetation and visitors can delight in the clean air and the sound of birdsong against the backdrop of cascading water.
Most waterfalls are open daily from 8:00 am to 5:00pm and there is a small charge for each visitor and for vehicles. It’s also advisable to bring some money to rent a hut and some mats.
We have listed below some of the most attractive and accessible waterfalls in Vientiane, and you should definitely try to get to at least one of them.
1. Tad Moun waterfall
This waterfall is located in Sikhottabong district and is closest to the city centre. It has been developed by a local investor and consists of several areas: Tad Moun 1 and 2, Tad Palay, Tad Vangnong 1 and 2, and Tad Vangnampheuak. Leaving downtown Vientiane, head for the Km 10 marker at Nongteng village on Road No. 13 North. You will see a sign on the right hand side to Tad Moun waterfall, where you turn left onto a concrete road and then drive a further 7 to 10 kilometres to reach the waterfalls. Each of them is signposted along the road. They are all close to each other and you can choose your favourite spot.
2. HinKhanna waterfall
This waterfall is located in Naxaithong district and can be reached by driving along Road No. 13 North to Km 15 where you will see a sign to the waterfall pointing to the left. Turn left and drive for another 10km to reach the waterfall. There are a lot of trees here and it’s a good place to have a picnic with your family or friends.
3. Tad Xon waterfall
Tad Xon is located in Naxon village, Naxaithong district, and has a large channel that directs the cascade of water pouring down the rocks from higher ground. To get there, take Road No. 13 North to Huakhua village – a distance of about 20 km. You will see a sign pointing left onto an asphalt road, which you should follow for another 10km. This area has many big trees and is a very good place to relax in a modern hut or take an elephant ride. Elephant rides cost 50,000 kip for foreign adults and 30,000 kip for foreign children. Lao nationals pay 30,000 kip per adult and 20,000 kip for children.
4. Nam Xuang reservoir
This reservoir is located in Sivilay village, Naxaithong district. Take Road No. 13 North to the 38 Km marker where you turn left onto an asphalt road. Continue for a further 2km to get to the reservoir. Here, the water flows through a channel formed by rocks and is a great spot to cool off.
5. Tad Vangluang waterfall
Tad Vangluang waterfall is located in the Vernkabao area of Pakngum district. It opened to the public last year and is currently very popular, attracting at least 1,000 people at weekends. The entry fee is very reasonable at 20,000 kip per pick-up truck and 5,000 kip per motorbike. Huts are available for rent at 50,000 kip per hut, and you can also rent inner tubes, charcoal stoves and mats for 20,000 kip each.
To reach this waterfall from the centre of Vientiane, drive along Road No. 13 South for about 60km to Pakngum district and 2km after crossing the Banhaibridge you will see a big sign advertising the waterfall, where you turn left onto a dirt road. Pakgnum district is famous for its annual Naga fireball festival when the legendary serpent that inhabits the Mekong releases fireballs into the night sky at the end of Buddhist Lent in October.
According to a tourism statistics report for 2015 compiled by the Tourism Development Department of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, there are 51 officially designated tourist sites in Vientiane. Of these, 25 are natural attractions, 17 are places of cultural interest, and nine have historical importance.