New product in Luang Prabang: Green Organic Farm
New Product in Luang Prabang: Luang Prabang Green Organic Farm.
Green Organic is located 40 Km from the center of Luang Prabang to the North. It is in a perfect location, beside NumPa River, with fertile soil to grow vegetables, fruit and herbs. The Green Organic farm produces vegetables without harming the precious environment and without chemical or artificial fertilizers.
The farm also gives an opportunity to train young local farmers in organic farm techniques, and is a centre for visiting students to learn our traditional and environmentally friendly practices.
Their main services are:
1. Day tour to Green Organic Farm:
This day tour will teach participants the complete process from agricultural preparation through to the use of organic fertilizers and organic insect spray. The tour visits other local farms to learn their traditional techniques. The tour concludes at our organic restaurant to enjoy a light, vegetarian lunch and local organic coffee in a beautiful environment.
2. Agriculture Class
This class will suit farmers or home gardeners. You will learn how to use organic products to prepare the soil, feed it and also plant the vegetables. We will use natural fertilizers and insect protection spray. You can choose which vegetable you wish to learn to grow.
3. Lao Cooking School
The cooking class begins with a short tour of our farm, to understand the ingredients used. You will learn how to prepare a traditional dish of Lao sticky rice. A second dish will be prepared, choosing fresh ingredients from the farm, to share in a meal together.
The Green Organic is also committed to support local communities in order to provide jobs and education for poor students from the countryside to get access to better education in the city.
All the charity activities are done through the House of Dreams and Bamboo School.
(House of Dream is a home away from home in Luang Prabang where economically disadvantaged but talented children from rural villages have the opportunity to get a better education and perhaps, as a result, attend university.
House of Dream was founded in 2012 by 25 year old Ken Pitsapheng. Ken was a novice monk for five years and his Buddhist temple life inspired him to start this small project.
It is supported by Your Own 2 hands Foundation).
At the Bamboo School they are raising funds to purchase school materials and equipment.