Laotian food is based on fish, beef, pork, poultry and especially herbs. The food is very spicy and hot, which blend of Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese in flavor and presentation. The famous ingredients for almost dishes are herb, chili and fish sauce.

National specialties
Sticky rice (best eaten with fingers).
Laap (minced meat, fish or vegetables tossed in lime juice, garlic, onions, powdered rice and chillies, accompanied by sticky rice).
• Kai (Water weed from the Mekong River – a Luang Prabang specialty)

Tam Maak Hung
Another Lao invention is tam maak hung, the spicy green papaya salad known as som tam in Thailand, but which the Lao like to dress with fermented crab and a chunky, intense fish sauce called pa daek, resulting in a stronger flavor than the milder, sweeter Thai style.
This is the typical of Grill & hot pot in Laos style. With a special pot – half grill, half boiled and a laid of tantalizing cuts of well-marinated tenderloin, ribs, pork, shrimp and fresh seafood around, the waiter will fire up the grill and leave you to cook selections to your liking. Meanwhile, they will leave a steaming hotpot to simmer its delights. You can enjoy with a choice of Beer Laos or wine on every restaurant near Mekong River Bank.

Cuisine-descriptOh Lam
Oh lam is a stew mainly made from vegetables: beans, eggplants, gourds, black mushrooms, then seasoned with lemongrass, chili, and coriander and finally thickened with sticky rice. Ho or Oh is loosely translated as “to put in”, which implies that this stew is a hodge podge of

whatever ingredients are on hand. But the key ingredient is sa kan, a bitter root herb.
Mok Pa
This special dish is very famous in Luang Prabang, which contains sticky rice, lemon grass, onion, dill, basil leaves, chili and garlic mixed with chicken or fish. Mixed meat and ingredients together and wrapped with banana leave before steam.

National drinks
Lao lao (rice whisky) is popular and there are two brands available (White Champa and Dark Champa)
Beer Lao.